Reasons To Get Dental Implants For Your Dental Health

Dental Specialist Explains Why Dental Implants Make Such a Great Choice For Your Dental Health In Bayside, NY.

You lost a tooth or some teeth. Your Bayside dentist may suggest a dental implant. That leads you to ask the question of whether these are the best way to fill that gap in your mouth. Would a dental bridge or dentures be better?

Simply put, yes, dental implants are a long-term solution for your missing teeth. They act as natural teeth and you don’t have to take them out each night like you would with dentures. If you take care of them, they can last as many as 25 years or more.

Here is more on why they make such a great choice: 

They Can Help Keep Your Surrounding Teeth Healthy

When you get a dental bridge, the dentist will have to file down the surrounding teeth to get both the dental crown and the fake tooth into your mouth. The dental implant, on the other hand, will maintain the structure and integrity of your other teeth.

They Look Like Natural Teeth

While there are ways that your Bayside dentist can customize dentures to look natural, there is something about them that still doesn’t quite feel and look totally natural. That is because you 

Also, you won’t have to worry about your dental implant shifting around in your mouth like dentures might. That will give you an added amount of confidence when you do things like talk or chew.

They Can Help You Keep Bone Mass

If you act fast after losing your tooth, you can keep the bone mass in your jaw. Otherwise, if you wait too long, that bone mass can be lost, which can cause problems. More on that later. 

Losing jawbone mass is called resorption. Getting your dental implant soon after that can prevent that from happening. If you have to have a tooth extracted, for example, you can talk about getting dental implants right after that. 

They Can Help Preserve The Shape Of Your Face & Jaw

When you lose teeth, you have to worry about far more than just losing bone mass. There are other detrimental things that can also happen. These things can alter both how your face looks and how you can talk or chew. 

Let’s talk about the second one first. When you lose teeth, your remaining teeth will shift to try to fill that empty space. That can create problems with both talking or chewing. Also, your cheeks will get a sunken-in look since there are no teeth pushing back against them. Getting a dental implant will keep both of those things from happening. 

A dentist preforming dental implants work in Bayside, NY.

When Would You Not Be A Candidate For Dental Implants?

There are a few scenarios that might keep you from getting dental implants. The main one is that your jaw has to have a certain amount of bone mass and if you don’t meet that threshold, even after a bone graft, you may not be able to get it. That is because the dentist needs to put a titanium screw into your jaw and have the two fuse so that the screw acts like a new root for the dental crown that will act as the replacement tooth. 

You may also be worried about the cost of dental implants. Due to their longevity, they actually pay for themselves in a very short amount of time. Many dentists also offer to finance so that they won’t cost a lot at once. Be sure to ask about that when you make an appointment. 

The overall process for getting a dental implant can take weeks to months, depending on how well you heal. Once it starts, you can’t do things like smoke, which can greatly hinder your ability to heal. Your Bayside dentist will explain everything you need to do for complete recovery. 

Once you have your dental implant in place, taking care of it is very easy. You can brush and floss like you regularly do and there are very few foods that you can’t eat. It will look and feel like a natural tooth. You will find it to be the best solution for your missing tooth. That will make you feel like smiling again.

Are you a resident of Bayside, Queens, or nearby? You can come to see Dr. Fialkoff about any dental implant questions that you may have. He has many years of experience and will make sure that the whole process goes smoothly. Contact him today to make an appointment!

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