Dentists Specialized In Orthodontics Explain Everything About Clear Aligners

Girl With a Beautiful Smile After an Invisalign Treatment In New York You may find that you are unhappy with the state of your smile. Some teeth may be crooked. It may feel like there are too many of them. Your upper teeth may be sticking out… or your lower teeth may do that. You may need to see a dentist in Bayside to see what they can do for you.

One solution is to use Invisalign – a series of trays made of clear material that gradually shift your teeth into place. It’s becoming quite the popular alternative to braces.

Invisalign is Fast and Efficient for Teeth Alignment

When you put on the first Invisalign tray, it starts working immediately. Some studies have shown that there is a 96% success rate. You basically get to control that by wearing it for the proper amount of time each day and putting in the new trays on the correct date. If you don’t do that, then you won’t get the quick results.

How Long Does Invisalign Take to Work?

Everyone has a different smile and different circumstances. Some may have a very pronounced overbite. Others may have crooked teeth. The results will vary. Some have very rapid changes within six months and others may need to use Invisalign for up to two years. On average, people wear the trays for about a year.

There are a bunch of factors that can play a part in how long you may need to wear the trays:

  • Your Age
    Younger people get faster results since it’s easier to shift teeth around. Older people may need to use them longer.
  • Your Adherence To The Plan
    You need to wear these trays for up to 22 hours a day. Yes, they may feel tight at times, especially when you put in a new one. Not wearing them for that time will slow down progress.
  • See Your Dentist Regularly
    While you don’t have to go as often as those with braces, it’s still good to have them check on progress.
  • How Much Crowding Is Going On In Your Mouth
    A mouth with a lot of teeth that need to be shifted will take longer to get results.

Clear Aligners Look & Feel Better Than Traditional Braces

This is one of the main selling points of Invisalign. People often get conscientious about how they look with metal braces, often to the point of refusing to smile. This can create the wrong impression for other people. That is not the case with the clear aligner trays. They are much more discreet. This can boost people’s self confidence and make them much more willing to smile.

As far as braces feel, they can also irritate people’s gums and even wind up cutting their cheeks. It can also be painful when the Bayside dentist or orthodontist tightens the wires to continue having the teeth shift into place. That is not the case with the Invisalign. It feels much more natural.

You Can Remove Invisalign Trays Whenever You Want

One of the best features of Invisalign is that you can remove the trays to eat. That means that your diet will not be as restricted as it would be if you had braces. You should avoid certain foods though, like hard candies, since those can damage your teeth. Otherwise, you can eat what you like.

While you can remove the Invisalign to eat, you also have to be mindful of where it is. The last thing you want to do is leave it on a tray or at a restaurant table. It might be a good idea to have a carrying case for them. Being able to remove the trays also makes things like brushing your teeth much easier – you don’t have to worry about food getting stuck, unlike braces.

Another benefit of Invisalign is that they require significantly fewer dental visits than braces would. There is no need to adjust or tighten anything. Just follow the prescribed regimen of dental trays and replace them at the appropriate intervals. Do not skip any, since that can create a chain reaction that might not be noticeable at first but several trays down the road, things can get quite uncomfortable.
New York Girl Removing Her Invisalign Trays
It’s best to work with a dentist on Invisalign. There are many companies that offer to let you do it at home, but that requires you to make the mold yourself and there is a waiting period while things are mailed back and forth. If something goes wrong, then you have to wait even more. That is not the case when you see your dentist.

People like Invisalign because it’s discreet and they can eat what they want. You can do the same. Then you can have a straight smile that you will be glad to show off to people.

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