The most important phase of your therapy is now only beginning. Your overall health / the health of your bones / gums / implants will be heavily reliant on your future compliance with maintenance visits.

You will need to continue your cleanings and exams every 6 months at your dentist.

In addition, your periodontal disease control may now require that you have 3 month maintenance visits to control its recurrence. If this is required, we will coordinate with your dentist for these additional visits.

In situations which require closer monitoring of your periodontal or implant health, we will schedule you – Alternating with your normal 6 month visits to your dentist. These extra visits at our office, may not be covered by your dental insurance, but are important to properly control your periodontal disease.

Periodontal Maintenance Before
Periodontal Maintenance After

Your disease is caused by plaque (bacteria) accumulation, and your susceptibility to the plaque by-products. This susceptibility will never disappear and recurrence must be actively prevented. Three months is the approximate interval during which relatively harmless plaque grows into an aggressive, destructive form of plaque, and calculus (tartar) / and long terms studies demonstrate this to be the most safe and effective recall treatment interval.

If you have any questions, or cannot keep these additional maintenance visits, please contact us or your dentist so that we may coordinate in your best interests.

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