The office of Dr. Bernard Fialkoff is a modern periodontal, dental implant, and laser therapy practice dedicated to helping you, the individual.  Did you know that periodontal gum infections have been linked to serious health conditions such as pre-term, low birth-weight babies, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and respiratory disease?  Periodontal health is a key component of a healthy body.  Our office specializes in preventing periodontal gum disease and tooth loss via early, computerized diagnosis and regenerative healing of lost gums and bone – as well as laser, non-surgical and dental implant treatments.

Do you avoid your favorite sweet, hot or cold foods because of sensitive teeth and gums? Do you avoid kissing or getting too close because of bad breath or a poor taste in your mouth?  Do your gums bleed – or have they receded?  Periodontal infection causes gum recession around your teeth, exposing sensitive roots.  It is also the leading cause of bad breath and tooth sensitivity. Periodontal treatment restores your healthy mouth, lets you enjoy your food again and gives you your confidence back. Dr. Fialkoff is highly trained in the latest non-surgical, laser and plastic surgery techniques to regenerate and heal your gum and bone tissues to prevent further gum recession, sensitivity, and bone loss.  We work in partnership with your family dentist to give you your smile back.

Do you want to increase your confidence and feel better about your smile? Have you stopped smiling because of a missing tooth? Here’s good news… Dental Implants give you natural looking teeth so you can smile confidently and reclaim your quality of life! Have you lost your enjoyment of food because of trouble chewing or digesting? Implants restore normal chewing and speech, restore good digestion and regularity, aid good nutrition, bring back your natural facial features, and help you enjoy greater self-assurance and well-being. Best of all, it can all begin with your next visit!

Our Dental Office In Bayside, NY

Have you wondered why your family dentist referred you to Dr. Fialkoff for your implant and periodontal needs?  Dr. Fialkoff graduated with the Alpha Omega Award as Valedictorian of the SUNY Stony Brook Dental School in 1980.  He received his board eligibility in Periodontics and Dental Implantology from the Memphis VA Hospital and University of Tennessee Post-Graduate Program and is certified by the American Academy of Laser Dentistry.  Laser Dentistry enables Dr. Fialkoff to provide state-of-the-art, pain-free laser therapy for procedures that traditionally required more invasive treatment.  But perhaps our most outstanding quality is our personalized approach to helping you, the individual, by understanding your special needs and providing treatment that suits you both physically and emotionally. Every patient is important at our office, and we work closely with your dentist to ensure that you’re happy with the way you look and feel.

Gum, or “periodontal” disease is an infection that develops when a sticky film of bacteria, called “plaque,” is allowed to build up on the teeth.  This bacteria works its way under the gums, causing tooth sensitivity, bad taste and breath, swelling, bleeding, gum recession, and tooth loss.  By brushing and flossing daily, minimizing stress, and visiting your dentist regularly, you can help prevent gum disease and tooth loss.  However, if you’ve experienced red, swollen, or tender gums, receding gum-lines, loose teeth, or even tooth loss, we urge you to make an appointment for a checkup immediately.  Our office staff works with your dentist to stop periodontal disease before it leads to tooth loss and other, more serious health conditions such as pre-term low birth weight babies, heart disease, or diabetes.

Are you fearful of dental implants because of misleading, confusing information?  Dental implants offer a safe, long-term solution to missing and shifting teeth.  Thoroughly tested and approved by the American Dental Association, a dental implant is simply a root that supports a lifelike tooth provided by your dentist.  Patients are amazed at how dental implants look and feel, and how they are cared for just like natural teeth.  Many who had given up hope due to bite problems, joint trouble, or financial concerns are now comfortable and happy with their smiles, thanks to dental implants by the office of  Dr. Fialkoff.

Does your child or adolescent have overgrown, swollen, or bleeding gums around his or her braces?  Are you frustrated at trying to get your child to follow your orthodontist or dentist’s recommendations?  Dr. Fialkoff and staff have a high success rate at dealing with periodontal issues involving children and teenagers. Many situations may be treated with a series of deep cleanings as well as instructions and motivation in good oral hygiene.  For more difficult problems, we also offer state of the art laser gum removal, which is virtually pain-free and requires no stitches.  It’s our pleasure to help you and your child enjoy better oral health and a happier life.

Are you or a family member concerned that your own medical condition makes it unsafe to receive effective gum and implant treatment. Our office offers laser therapy which eliminates bleeding and kills the germs about the gumlines. In coordination with your physician’s recommendations, Dr.Fialkoff  and staff can help patients undergoing immunosuppressive, chemotherapy, high blood pressure and seizure medical treatments with their mouth problems.

First impressions are everything – and there’s no underestimating the power of a glowing smile. If you’re not happy with your smile, perhaps it’s time to look into today’s state-of-the-art techniques such as bleaching, bonding, porcelain laminates, implant-crowns, and adult tooth movement.  Your dentist and orthodontist can restore the brilliance of teeth that have been stained by smoking, coffee-drinking, or neglect – and can help renew your confidence. Dr. Fialkoff and staff are highly skilled and trained to assist you with the latest in aesthetic, cosmetic, and implant plastic surgery. Gums and implants set the stage to show off those beautiful cosmetics your dentist and orthodontist will deliver. Find out how Dr. Fialkoff and staff can help put a smile back on your face.

Are you anxious, stressed, or depressed about your dental needs? Do you feel as if many offices disregard your insurance or financial concerns?  Since 1982, Dr. Fialkoff’s office has earned a true reputation for helping patients in a calm, ethical, and friendly manner.  We believe that there’s no better philosophy to cure ills than to treat others as you would treat yourself.  As a fellow human being, you deserve the latest advances in periodontal and implant treatment, such as laser treatment and bone or tooth regeneration. You also deserve the latest sterilization techniques and cleanliness. And you’ll breathe easier with a staff that will help you work out payment plans and maximize your benefits.