• Avoid rinsing, spitting and eating hot foods or hot liquids as this may cause the surgical area to bleed. Cool or warm foods are okay.
  • If bleeding occurs, use a pad of cotton gauze, wetted  with cold water, and place it over the area. Gently bite or hold it in place over the bleeding site down for about 15 min, do not rinse.  Keep ice on the area 15 minutes on and off. This should stop the bleeding.
  • Consume soft foods today such as juice, pasta, eggs, soups, yogurt, fish, etc
  • Take the medication as prescribed and for the full length of time. Take the medications with some food to avoid nausea or discomfort.


  • Begin rinsing with warm salt water, 3 times a day for 30 seconds. This will alleviate the discomfort you may have. Continue this for up to a week or until all discomfort is gone.
  • Implant patients resume rinsing with peridex rinse a.m. and p.m.
  • Soft Tissue Graft patients, avoid any rinsing for the entire week as the grafts must stay as immobile as possible. When you are brushing your other teeth rinse VERY GENTLY & try to avoid the surgical area.
  • Some discomfort and swelling is normal for three days.  If it persists or increases after three days, please notify us.
  • When eating and brushing avoid the surgical area.
  •  If the dressing material dislodges after a few days, but you are comfortable then just avoid the area when eating, rinse with warm salt water. Soft tissue graft patients do not rinse !  It is not always necessary to redress the surgical area.