ColdWe all know how unpleasant and uncomfortable it can be to have a cold.  These chills, sneezing, coughing and runny nose often leave us feeling weak and under the weather.  However, for most of us, life still has to go on even when we are ill.  This means going to work, completing chores around the house and running those last minute errands. So, the question comes up: “Should you still attend your dental appointment if you have symptoms of a cold?

Sneezing to Smiling

Well, even if you are experiencing cold symptoms, you should still make your best effort to attend your dental cleaning.  When people have cold viruses, there is an extensive amount of bacteria that populates and grows within the structures of the head, including the nose and mouth.  The mouth is not only producing more saliva, but is also processing a large amount of fluid coming from nasal passages.  It is especially important to be evaluated to avoid further infection, which can lead to painful dental procedures and require medication.

What To Consider

There are few key factors to keep in mind before your visit a doctor. First, be sure to brush your teeth at home before you go.  The thick, nasal fluid in the mouth may feel uncomfortable while lying down in the chair.  Second, be sure to try to clear your nose or throat of any mucus before you lay down.  Third, if you are taking any over the counter or prescription medication for your illness, be sure to notify your dentist as certain procedures may be contraindicated.  Lastly, be sure to breath through your nose as best you can, you need that oxygen flowing!

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