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Dr. Bernard Fialkoff, Dentist In NY

Meet Dr. Bernard Fialkoff

Dr Fialkoff was bestowed with The Pierre Fauchard and International College of Dentists Honore Awards for Excellence in Dental Treatment and Community Service. 

Dr. Bernard Fialkoff is a dental specialist who has been delivering Dental Implantology, Non-Surgical Laser Gum Treatments, Conventional Periodontics, Laser Therapy and Dental Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in a calm, ethical and patient friendly manner for over 39 years.

Dr Fialkoff also delivers same day, immediate replacement of missing, broken or fractured teeth. This immediate implant treatment allows time savings and quicker return to our normal everyday routines. We work with your general dentist to give you back your smile as quickly as possible.

He has taught periodontics and dental Implantology to many dentists, and runs a monthly study group for local dentists. His office offers state of the art computerized digital low-radiation dental x-rays, intra-oral camera that clearly demonstrate oral findings, full steam sterilization and cleanliness, and an energetic empathetic dental staff.
Dr. Fialkoff and staff have worked closely with local dentists to help achieve patient dental goals for over 39 years.

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Our Office Address is 56-03 214th Street, Bayside, NY 11364.

The office of
Dr. Bernard Fialkoff

Is a modern periodontal, dental implant, and laser therapy practice dedicated to helping you, the individual. Did you know that periodontal gum infections have been linked to serious health conditions such as pre-term, low birth-weight babies, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and respiratory disease? Periodontal health is a key component of a healthy body. Our office specializes in preventing periodontal gum disease and tooth loss via early, computerized diagnosis and regenerative healing of lost gums and bone – as well as laser, non-surgical and dental implant treatments.

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