Dr. Bernard Fialkoff DDS founded the Implant Certainty Training Program in the mid 1990’s.

Dr. Fialkoff trained on placing dental implants and on dental implant surgery in the 1980’s, and has more than 22 years of experience in placing successful implants.

This photo is but one satisfied patient – can you tell in this photo which teeth are implants?

A patient's mouth is shown from different angles, all of the teeth look real

Because of his technical expertise and experience in placing dental implants, Dr. Fialkoff founded the Implant Certainty Training Program in order to teach, educate and train dentists how to place dental implants.

Since that time, he has conducted four training sessions annually, presenting more than 40 courses to numerous dentists throughout New York and New Jersey.

The following photographs show some of the content of these courses. 

Dr. Fialkoff giving lectures on his Implant Certainty Training program

Dr. Fialkoff posing with one of his classes

People working on creating implants during one of Dr. Fialkoff's courses

Students in one course sitting together discussing an x-ray

People sitting at rows of tables, listening to Dr. Fialkoff

Dr. Fialkoff explaining his course to a group of people

Dr. Fialkoff explaining several x-rays to people in his course

Dr. Fialkoff giving a lecture to a large group of people during one of his courses

Dr. Fialkoff explaining more x-rays

A zoomed out picture of Dr. Fialkoff explaining the x-rays, showing rows of people listening

Dr. Fialkoff continuing his lecture

Dr. Fialkoff during his lecture

Dr. Fialkoff finishing his lecture, again showing the large group of people in the course