when to call a dentist Whenever we feel that an ailment or illness is coming on, we call our doctor.  Whenever we see that is it time for a haircut, we call our barber.  However, why is it that people still seem to question when they should call their dentist?  In some cases, the fear of the dental chair may be driving them away.  In other cases, the unknown diagnosis and costs associated with treatment may keep them away.  No matter the symptoms, it is important to call Dr. Fialkoff at the Bayside Dentist at the very sign of pain!

Just A Little Ache

Many of us know what it feels like to wake up and feel either a sharp or dull pain in our mouths.  It may be located to one area, or it may feel as if our entire jaw has sustained an injury.  There are a variety of different reasons we may be experiencing this pain, but unfortunately it is not something we can treat and diagnose by looking at our teeth in the bathroom vanity mirror.  It is not uncommon for these “simple” pains to develop into serious bacterial infections, broken teeth, cavities and gum disease if left untreated.  

Once You Arrive

It is important to stay calm and cool, no matter how severe the pain.  Remember that by picking up the phone and making that dental appointment, you have already taken the first step to recovery! The Bayside Dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth using specialized instruments as well as dental radiographic imaging (or x-rays).  He will locate the source of the pain and rule out any underlying pathology such as periodontal illness or fractures within the tooth enamel.  He will also take a detailed history of any past medical conditions, medications you may be taking and whether you had any recent injuries.

Emergency Service

Dental issues can not be taken lightly, if you want to protect yourself from painful, costly procedures down the road.  If you happen to chip a tooth, hurt your jaw or experience any unusual pain or sensitivity, it is important to call your dentist right away and take the soonest possible appointment.  In some cases, especially when patients feel a sudden onset of sensitivity to hot or cold liquids, there may be severe damage to the nerve root.  In other cases, when a tooth is chipped, it is important to come in right away to evaluate the tooth below the gumline, as well as surrounding structures.  Any dental issue can significantly affect your overall health, including your speech and digestion.
Call The Bayside Dentist at (718) 229-3838 at the very first sign of pain.  Him and his professional team will be there for you every step of the way and you will leave with your smile restored to perfection!