what should you know about dental implants first What exactly should you know about dental implants first?

There are many reasons for a dentist to recommend that a patient gets dental implants. Some reasons may be cosmetic, while others could be necessary to support the surrounding structures. In either case, it is important to get educated on the subject and learn the ins and outs of dental implants. This is a procedure which is minimally painful when performed by an experienced dental professional. However, there are many nuances to each different type of implants and those are very much worth exploring!

What you should know about dental implants first? There are many different methods and material used when placing dental implants.  Dr. Fialkoff prides himself in being the implant experts in the Bayside, Queens area. He strives to attain the highest quality, while requiring as little maintenance as possible for the patient.

There are many advantages to having implants properly placed. First, they don’t shift within the oral cavity, which makes them just as stable as your natural teeth.  Secondly, they don’t need the support of the teeth next to them, so no surrounding structures are compromised. Lastly, they are the best for overall facial aesthetics. They prevent shifting of the other teeth and help keep the natural contour of the maxilla (or jawbone) of the face. Implants also require very little adjustment and don’t cause any changes in speech or ability to consume food. Maintenance is minimal, because they are cleaned in the same way as your natural teeth, just remember to brush, rinse and floss!

So, what, really, should you know about dental implants first? The best candidates for dental implants are those patients who have healthy gums. This usually means that the bones are strong enough to support the implant. In some cases, patients may have compromised gums or bones due to diabetes or other ailments or illnesses, in which case alternative methods are available. There are also dental procedures which can help bring your mouth to a state where it is ready to receive a beautiful new implant!