Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Each month, dentists from the five boroughs, Westchester, and Long Island congregate in Queens for the popular Fialkoff Study Club. With a new presenter each month lecturing on such topics as  “Evidence Based Shade Taking  –  Achieving the Superior Cosmetic Restoration,”  “Periodontal Plastic Surgery,” “Sleep Apnea and Snoring – Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment Methods,” “CPR Training,” and others, dentists stay in-the-know on the latest advances in their field and overlapping fields.

Attending practitioners receive continuing education credits at each study club and are able to utilize data they receive at the seminars to enhance their office, staff, patient experience, office module, etc.

Dr. Bernard Fialkoff began the Bayside Study Club in the “Papazzio” Restaurant nearly 20 years ago, and has expanded it to the Bayside restaurant “Laterna” on Bell Boulevard. The growing number of dentists, dental assistants, and other office staff attending the monthly seminar necessitated this move so many more practitioners could benefit from the study club.

Attending the monthly seminars is an excellent venue for colleagues in the dental field to meet, converse on the latest news and advancements, discuss possibilities of working together, and to keep the field united as one cohesive group. As a specialist in Periodontics, Implantology, and Laser Surgery, Dr. Fialkoff is happy to meet neighboring dentists who are searching for a reliable, consistent, professional, and friendly Implant/Periodontal/Laser Surgeon who can serve their patients in these specialty areas. The Fialkoff Study Club is always open for all practitioners to attend.

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We will continue to provide our study club activity so that dentists throughout the New York area are united in the purpose of better serving their patients, continuing to excel in their respective fields or specialties, and keeping the dental field ahead of its time – all to the benefit of the health and satisfaction of the patient!

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Recent Fialkoff Study Clubs

July 2011

CPR Training

On July 13, more than 105 dentists, dental assistants, and practitioners attended the Fialkoff Study Club, “ Mandated CPR Training for Dental Licensure, Two Year Maximum Certification, Adult / Child, CPR / AED.” Each attending dentist received 4 Continuing Education Hours.

The course was designed to teach recognition and care of breathing and cardiac emergencies in adults and children, recognition / response to life threatening emergencies, treatment of stroke, bleeding, choking, heart stoppage, sudden illness, as well as on heart disease prevention.  The Study Club Course fulfilled the mandated NY State Dental Licensing Guidelines for two years, and satisfied the American Heart Association, Red Cross and New York State Guidelines. All practitioners received a Red Cross Manual.

Dr. Christopher S. Byron  and Mrs. Marilyn Byron EMT-CC, founders of Nationwide Instruction for Cardiovascular Education, Inc., (NICE, Inc.) celebrating their 16th year of educating and training in first response; have certified 1000s, installed over a thousand AEDs, implemented hundreds of PAD/AED programs, and provided thorough training and medical direction in many schools, camps, corporations, recreational facilities, and religious organizations, with credits including “Rescuer of the Year” (2 times), NY State Proclamation for Volunteering and Life Saving, Top Responder Awards in Rescue, National recipient “Doing It Right Award”, with featured articles in Newsday, NY times, and Tele-Care Network were the guest speakers at the July Fialkoff Study Club.

Below are various photographs showing the interaction among practitioners, the hands-on approach taken by the speakers, and the camaraderie formed at the Fialkoff Study Club meeting!

Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Presenters Demonstrating to Study Club Attendees

CPR Training

More Demonstrations

Dental Licensure

Fialkoff Study Club Attendees at Max Capacity


Hands-On Approach to CPR Training


Presentation on CPR Training & Skills Building

Laser Surgery

Attention is Gripped at the Fialkoff Study Club