Dr. Bernard Fialkoff is the President of the Foundation for a Drug Free World of The Americas. His chapter, run through his office, has conducted more than 600 free drug education events at schools throughout New York City

Recently, Spanish TV Station "Telemundo" aired a segment on the heroin crisis. Dr. Fialkoff was asked to do an interview since his chapter offers preventative services to parents, families and educators and tools they can use to help prevent drug abuse in their children, families, neighbors, co-workers, etc. 

Dr. Fialkoff is happy to provide a speaker to give a drug education talk at your child's school. There is no charge for these events and it is a community service of our office. To book an event or to have your child's teacher reach out to us to book a drug education event, please have them call our office or email us at: BernardFialkoffDDS@gmail.com.

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