drug free world Dr. Bernard Fialkoff is a very known and celebrated dentist in his community of Bayside, Queens.  However, he has taken his philanthropy and expertise a step further recently, by conducting a series of educational events throughout Latin America.  His purpose and mission was to educate the Latin American community on drug prevention.  By the looks of these empowering photos, he made quite an impact.

Dr. Fialkoff feels very strongly about being a leader, even outside of his New York community.  He is an expert at identifying issues going on worldwide and taking a stance against them.  This is why he became a proud, active member of Foundation for A Drug Free World.  This is a globally renowned organization which educates different geographic areas on drug abuse.

It is truly impactful when an individual is able to take their education and expertise to the next level and give back to those who are suffering or less fortunate.  In this case, Dr. Fialkoff believes that his medical education and background allows him to relate to individuals who suffer from drug abuse issues, on both a health care and humane level.  His words are very impactful and he has a way of capturing the audience, as mentioned in his article published in “Centro Deportivo.”  These events come at no cost to those who attend, but allow for a great reward to those like Dr. Fialkoff who speak and make a large change in people’s lives.

Dr Ben Fialkoff Not only is Dr. Fialkoff a very active member of this organization, but he is also the president of his chapter.  This is a role he does not take lightly, as he travels worldwide to promote, educate and entice people of all different backgrounds to live a drug free, clean life.  He meets with local government officials, local politicians and even religious leaders in these underserved areas, to work towards a common goal and improvement for the citizens.

Drug free education is certainly Dr. Fialkoff’s initiative.  Whether he is treating a patient in the dental chair at his local Bayside, Queens periodontal office, or traveling the globe to promote awareness of worldwide issues, he is a true modern day ambassador of overall health and wellness.