Dr. Fialkoff At The National Latino Officers Association of America Gala There are many great medical professionals in the greater New York City area.  However, there are very few of them who go above and beyond their scope of practice.  These special individuals, like Dr. Bernard Fialkoff, are truly outstanding members of our society.  Beyond his charity and humanitarian work, Dr. Fialkoff is a world educator.  He has taken it upon himself to travel the globe to raise awareness on a variety of healthcare topics. Traveling the globe and working at his dental practice full time is not an easy feat but somehow Dr. Fialkoff truly finds the time and energy to accomplish it all!


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Dr. Fialkoff has been an international ambassador of health.  Most recently, was honored at the National Latino Officers Association of America Gala.  This is a national event which recognizes contributors who have made positive influences in the community.  Dr. Fialkoff has taken his Cuban heritage and used his background and expertise to reach out to many Spanish speaking communities around the world.  He works with local politicians, businessmen, law enforcement organizations and educators to spread the word on a variety of healthcare topics, including drug abuse and overall wellness.


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No matter what your ethnic background, in healthcare and the modern world, there is no difference. Dr. Fialkoff recognizes this and that education is essential to all people regardless of religion, race or  ethnicity.   His humanitarian  community approach resulted in being honored by the  National Latino Officers Association at their Annual Gala. Dr. Fialkoff  has made an enormous, insightful impact on the NYC metropolitan area and has vowed to continue to help his community achieve healthy, happy lives.


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Bayside Dentistry has truly been a proud member of the Bayside, Queens community for many years.  With Dr. Fialkoff’s strong background in Dental Implants, Periodontal Surgery and Cosmetic Laser Surgery, it is no surprise that members of the Metro NYC community of all demographics have made this their Dental Implant, Laser and Periodontal practice of choice. Many patients enjoy learning about Dr. Fialkoff’s humanitarian work and many have gotten involved in his outreach efforts themselves.