Best Periodontist in Queens NY This Valentine’s Day, put your best face forward!  We know that you are shopping for that perfect outfit, planning the most romantic evening and picking out your favorite perfume..  But, don’t spend all of your energy getting dinner reservations at the hottest restaurant in town, spend some time on your smile as well.  Everybody wants to see a white, radiant, shining smile from across the table or over a glass of champagne!

More Than A Selfie

We know that online dating apps are the hottest thing right now and probably one of the best ways to meet your future significant other.  However, one advantage that apps give you is lots of room for editing your photos.  It’s easy to fix blemishes, including crooked teeth and even overbites!  When it’s time to finally meet in person for that romantic evening, you don’t want to be unpleasantly surprised.  It’s important to practice proper dental hygiene before your date, as well as every other day for routine maintenance.  Plus, you never know who you will run into!

Best Periodontist in Queens

Give yourself some time before the big day to visit your periodontist.  Although you may have thought of your hairdresser or the mall to prep for the holiday, a periodontist can actually help you perfect your most important feature: your smile!  If you have never had the experience of visiting a periodontist yet, have no fear!  They are experts in diagnosis and treatment of any disease of inflammation pertaining to the gums.  Additionally, Bayside Dentist is also a leader in dental implants, pigment removal and laser non-surgical procedures.  Basically, the benefits of a glowing smile, without the ouch, right here at the best periodontist in Queens, NY!

What a Periodontist Does?

What a periodontist does for you? – Completing a routine at home daily is great, but sometimes we all need a little professional help, especially in preparation for Valentine’s Day! This is where Bayside Dentist comes into play, Queens’ best periodontic practice. Their team of friendly professionals will help you customize a treatment plan for any imperfections in your smile. They even offer a special procedure called a Smile Makeover, which will keep the natural look of your smile, just new and improved! Visit them online at or call 718-229-3838 to book your appointment today! Hurry up, the big day is just around the corner!