The Office of Dr. Bernard Fialkoff has the State-of-the-Art 3D Catscan "ConeBeam" X-Ray Machine & Technology

which Greatly Improves the Preciseness of all Treatment Planning

         Dr. Bernard Fialkoff, Queens Periodontist and Dental Implant Specialist for more than 30 years and Valedictorian of SUNY at Stony Brook Dental School 1980, offers a new technique that can help patients get dental implants who would not normally be candidates. The technique: sinus grafting with 3D cat-scan “Cone-Beam” innovative imaging, allows implants to be placed in patients with minimal bone and who are hesitant to undergo major sinus grafting procedures. In the late ‘80s, Dr. Fialkoff took one of the first courses on dental implants at a time when few dentists were aware of implants or that it was being done successfully in Sweden. He learned the latest techniques, which he brought back to his Queens office. Since that time Dr. Fialkoff has offered this vital, life-changing procedure.

       Dental implants allow a person to feel as if they have their own natural teeth – they enjoy eating normally, don’t have to wear dentures, can smile confidently, can maintain youthful facial contours and avoid the significant bone loss that dentures create. 

         There are some cases where the quantity of bone in a patient’s upper jaw is inadequate to accommodate dental implants. When the upper sinus is large, it is impossible to place dental implants. In these instances, Dr. Fialkoff offers sinus lift grafting utilizing an innovative / minimally invasive technique that increases bone height through a small opening in the bone. This makes it possible for patients to experience the benefits of dental implants without increased pain and swelling.

         The procedure begins with a 3D Cone-Beam Cat-Scan X-Ray evaluation of the upper jaw. 3D imaging allows Dr. Fialkoff to view a patient’s anatomy with utmost precision. He can then treatment plan their dental implants with minimal interference to the person’s daily routine. Reducing guesswork, the 3D Cone-Beam Cat-Scan provides immense detail of the jaw anatomy identifying anatomical obstacles, and allowing secure prediction of bone quantity and quality. Unlike a traditional x-ray cat-scanner, this 3D system utilizes Cone Beam CT technology providing precise digital images with minimal radiation exposure. This low-dose cone beam technology is why Dr Fialkoff offers this method to his patients. The 3D X-Rays are done right in the office the same day, saving patients precious time in their daily lives.

         Patients who were told they had no chance of success with dental implants now have the option of the sinus graft technique and are enjoying the benefits of dental implant teeth. At Dr. Fialkoff’s office, same day / minimal discomfort procedures are available utilizing only local anesthesia. This allows patients to return to their normal work routine with minimal downtime.

         Dr. Bernard Fialkoff’s purpose is to aid his patients to achieve their goals of confident smiles / youthful facial  contours  / ability to enjoy savory / nutritious  foods / be treated in a calm, comfortable office environment.  He realizes that confidence and good health are ensured when his patients are able to function normally. One patient treated at his office states, “I was very pleased with Dr. Fialkoff’s surgery. I must admit, I was a little skeptical about the whole procedure. However, I was amazed that from start to finish the pain level was virtually non-existent. Dr. Fialkoff’s professionalism was always present. The implant was very successful and I am very happy with the outcome.”

         The diagrams below show how this new technology can greatly improve treatment planning for Dental Implants & Periodontal Surgeries and Therapies. 


At the Office of Dr. Bernard Fialkoff – Our ConeBeam 3D Catscan Machine: