What Should I Eat Before A Dental  Appointment?

what should i eat before a dental appointment
In life, many of us like to be well prepared.  When it comes to work, we prepare far in advance for those important meetings and assignments.  With friends, we prepare dinner reservations or host parties to make sure that everybody has a good time.  When dealing with our young children, we prepare their lunches for school and plan ahead to ensure that we have enough time to drive them to soccer practice.  However, when it comes to medical appointments, many of us simply do not know how to prepare.  When it comes to dental appointments, there are a few key things  you can prep ahead of time, to make your visit a smooth experience.

When Should I Schedule My Appointment?

Firstly, make sure to book your appointment for a time and day during which you feel most relaxed and rested.  It is important to allot plenty of time for your visit, because unexpected factors may arise.  For example, sometimes a simple checkup and cleaning can lead to the need for some additional dental x-rays to be taken, or a procedure to be planned.  Additionally, if you are not in a rush, you will be more likely to ask all necessary questions and remember follow up instructions more carefully.  Also, dentists worldwide find that even those who suffer from white coat syndrome or anxiety in the dental chair are more compliant and less anxious when they plan ahead.

What Should I Eat Before A Dental  Appointment? Should I Eat Before Or Wait Until After?

Many patients have the misconception that they should not consume any food or beverages prior to their dental appointments.  While this is true for various medical appointments (especially those which involve blood tests and anesthesia), most dental appointments do not apply.  In fact, it is best to be well fed prior to arriving, because this will help to reduce anxiety and allow you to feel more relaxed.  That sleepy feeling you get right after Thanksgiving dinner may actually work to your advantage in this case as you lay back in the dental chair!

What Foods Should I Avoid?

You can eat just about any of the foods you regularly consume before visiting the dentist, except for a select few.  These include any sugary food or drinks, or anything containing food coloring. Additionally, try to avoid corn or any foods which easily get stuck between the teeth.  Most importantly, avoid any extremely hot or cold foods or drinks, as these can cause sensitivity and even pain during your cleaning.  If there are any foods which have caused you any discomfort,  be sure to mention this to your dentist.  Sensitivity when consuming certain beverages or food can be an indication of an underlying dental issue, often stemming from the nerve root.

Dr. Fialkoff of Bayside looks forward to seeing you soon in his Bayside office, after your breakfast, lunch or dinner!