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Global Wellness, Beginning in Bayside

25 October 2016 by , No Comments

Beyond Bayside Dental Care Dr. Bernard Fialkoff is a renowned leader in the field of Periodontics, Dental Implants and Dentistry as well as in the overall public health and non-profit fields. Although his excellent bedside manner, expertise and personality have made him a local staple in his Queens community, he reaches people far beyond his […]

Dr. Fialkoff At The National Latino Officers Association of America Gala

17 October 2016 by , No Comments

There are many great medical professionals in the greater New York City area.  However, there are very few of them who go above and beyond their scope of practice.  These special individuals, like Dr. Bernard Fialkoff, are truly outstanding members of our society.  Beyond his charity and humanitarian work, Dr. Fialkoff is a world educator.  […]

Dental Implants & Optimal Aesthetics

17 August 2011 by , No Comments

Dental Implants Dr. Fialkoff’s Office is pleased to provide you with information on how Dental Implants can benefit you, your smile, and your overall health.     (c) 2011 BIOMET 3i, LLC. Used by permission, all rights reserved. Call Dr. Bernard Fialkoff’s office today at 718-229-3838 to schedule a Dental Implant Consultation. Optimal Aesthetics