First impressions are everything – and there’s no underestimating the power of a glowing smile. If you’re not happy with your smile, perhaps it’s time to look into today’s state-of-the-art techniques such as bleaching, bonding, porcelain laminates, implant-crowns, and adult tooth movement. Your dentist and orthodontist can restore the brilliance of teeth that have been stained by smoking, coffee-drinking, or neglect – and can help renew your confidence.


Some of the cosmetic periodontal services we offer include:

– Dental Implants – a fixture that is placed in your jaw which imitates your tooth’s root. The implant then can to hold a new, replacement tooth or a bridge. It looks and feels just like a real tooth.

– Root Coverage – gum tissue is used to cover exposed roots, develop gum tissue, or make dental implants look more natural.

– Ridge Augmentation – procedure used to correct irregularities in the gums and jaw after a tooth extraction.

– Pocket-Depth Reduction – pockets between the gums and teeth are cleared of any bacteria and infection, and the gum surrounding the tooth is tightened.

– Crown Lengthening – for patients with excess gum tissue, the gums are reduced so that more of the crown or natural teeth are exposed, enhancing the smile.

– Combination Procedures – one or more of these cosmetic procedures may be needed to lay the foundation for a beautiful smile.

Dr. Bernard Fialkoff

Dr. Fialkoff and staff are highly skilled and trained to assist you with the latest in aesthetic, cosmetic, and implant plastic surgery. Healthy, even gums and implants set the stage to show off those beautiful cosmetics your dentist and orthodontist will deliver.

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