With advancing technology, a number of medical fields are now using lasers for a variety of treatments, including the field of dentistry. A laser is a very focused light beam that can be used to remove or alter a small amount of tissue. They can be used to reshape the gums, whiten teeth or reduce overgrown tissues.

Laser allows treatment without cutting or bleeding, without any drilling or drill sounds, with no sutures and with faster healing and less postoperative discomfort. Laser treatments also help to preserve the healthy parts of the teeth and minimize the risk of infection.

Some of the laser treatments we offer include:

– Muscle Pull Removal: laser repositioning of muscle pulls to eliminate the cause of ugly gum recession and unsightly tooth spaces.

– Swollen Gum Correction: laser removal of red swollen infected gum tissues without cutting or bleeding.

– Tongue Tie Correction: laser correction of tongue restrictions so that the tongue can move in an unrestricted manner as you the patient desire. Allows correction of child and adult speech defects.

– Gummy Smile Correction: laser cosmetic gum correction without cutting, drilling, suturing or bleeding to create beautiful smiles.

– Laser Growth Removal: laser removal of ugly or pathologic gum tissues without cutting, bleeding, drilling or sutures.

– Laser Pigment Removal: laser removal of red, purple or other unwanted pigmented soft tissue areas without cutting, bleeding or sutures.

Dr. Bernard Fialkioff

Dr. Bernard Fialkoff

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